Latex Allergy

Facts about Latex Allergy

Latex is a milky bi-product of the rubber tree, and when it is mixed with manufacturing chemicals, the resulting product (for example, rubber bands, balloons, or gloves) holds elastic properties.
Most people have no pronounced sensitivity to latex, but for those who do, allergic reactions vary from mild to life-threatening.

AAIR of Charlotte specialists are expertly trained in latex allergy diagnosis. Those who are in close/prolonged contact with latex products may develop an allergy; however, those who have hay fever or food allergies may also be at risk. Contact us if you think you’re allergic to latex.


What Should You Do?

If you develop an allergy, it’s important to avoid latex products whenever possible. These may include:

  • Handbags
  • Athletic shoes
  • Condoms
  • Medical tubing, dental dams, catheters, bandages, dressings, and gloves
  • Balloons
  • Tires
  • Elastic waistbands
  • Baby bottles, nipples, and pacifiers
  • Rubber toys

If you notice itching, redness, rash, and swelling at the exposure site, handled products probably contain latex. Avoid as many latex products as you can, but also carry an EPI pen (adrenaline) with you at all times and wear an emergency medical alert necklace or bracelet.

Contact AAIR for more answers to your allergy questions.