Gina and Darrel W.


“My 20 year old daughter was constantly sick with anything from URI’s, to bronchitis, to pink eye. This was going on for several years. She volunteers in our church’s kids ministry so we always thought her illnesses was the result of being constantly surrounded by children. In 2011 our daughter was working very closely with a neurologist who had noticed that she was always sick when she visited him and he was concerned that there may have been an underlying issue…not just the kids sharing their illnesses. He referred my daughter to Dr. O’Connor. Within two visits with Dr. O’Connor my daughter was diagnosed with CVID. With Dr. O’Connor’s amazing knowledge and compassion for her patients (& their families) my daughter is now under great care for her disorder. We are so grateful for Dr. O’Connor’s interest in her patient’s health and comfort, and her great wisdom. “

—Gina and Darrel W.