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Woman with Patch TestsFind Your Allergies with a Patch Test

Contact dermatitis, a skin reaction to a number of allergens or irritants, is itchy and uncomfortable. If you’ve had a rash or an allergic reaction from an unknown source, learn which substances are causing your discomfort through the patch test.

What Does the Test Involve?

With this form of allergy testing, a doctor applies a patch with multiple test substances on your back. You will leave that patch in place for 48 hours, and afterward, you should have a small, localized rash or irritation where the allergen is located. Your doctor can expose your skin to over 30 substances, depending on what your doctor suspects may be causing the reaction. The test extracts include chemicals found in:

  •  Metals (most commonly nickel)
  •  Latex Fragrances
  •  Hair dye
  •  Medications
  •  Preservatives
  •  Resins

What Do I Need to Do?

Your doctor will advise you to stop taking certain medications before the test. Allergy medication, for instance, can prevent reactions so you won’t know which substance is the culprit. While you’re wearing the patch, avoid bathing or participating in activities that cause a lot of sweating.

Don’t live with discomfort. Call AAIR today and identify the allergens that irritate your skin.

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