Exhaled Nitric Oxide Test

imagesWhat is Exhaled Nitric Oxide?

When you exhale, one of the gases you release through your airway is nitric oxide. If you produce an abnormal amount of nitric oxide, it means that your airway is inflamed. Exhaled nitric oxide is a convenient, non-invasive test that measures the quantity of nitric oxide you respire. This test is administered by a trained technician at AAIR of Charlotte. All you have to do is bite a specialized mouthpiece and slowly exhale several times. The exhaled nitric oxide machine will analyze these exhalations and compute a composite analysis.

Should I Be Tested for Nitric Oxide Exhalation?

If you suffer from asthma or a related breathing problem, exhaled nitric oxide testing can be highly beneficial. The results of your analysis allow your doctor at AAIR of Charlotte to more accurately monitor your asthma and create a more effective treatment plan.

If you would like to overcome labored or painful breathing, or if you would like more information about exhaled nitric oxide, please contact us. We have made it our life’s work to help you breathe easier, and are committed to helping you overcome asthma so that you can more fully enjoy exercise and your life in general. Call AAIR at (704) 910-1402

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