The Importance Of A Skin Biopsy In Charlotte, NC

The skin is the largest organ of the body and, as such, it is a very important part of our overall health. When patients in Charlotte, NC come into our facility with specific issues with the skin we may require a skin biopsy.

Often the reasons that a skin biopsy is requested is because a patient, or in some cases the doctor, notices an irregular growth on the skin. This may be a mole, an atypical rash, a growth or in less common situations, an infected area of the skin that is not typical.

Types of Skin Biopsy Procedures Done in Charlotte, NC

There are three different procedures used to collect a biopsy, which is really just a small sample of skin tissue. The type of biopsy is determined by the type of skin condition and the irregularities noted. Generally all three types of biopsies are performed with local anesthesia for patient comfort.

  • Shave biopsy – a special medical instrument is used to remove a very thin slice of the skin at the surface
  • Punch biopsy – a punch-like tool takes a very tiny core sample of a rash or small growth on and in the skin
  • Excisional biopsy – a small surgical procedure is used to remove an irregular growth such as a tumor. The entire growth is removed and then tests are done on the removed tissue

After removal of part or all of the irregular skin tissue the tissue is prepared in a solution, sliced microscopically thin, stained so cells are evident, and examined for any irregular cells that may indicate infections, cancers or other conditions and diseases.

What Happens Next

After your skin biopsy in Charlotte, NC the small area of the punch or excisional biopsy will be sutured and you will be provided information on care for the small area. Our doctors will usually have information on the results of the biopsy in two business days, sometimes much sooner, and you will be notified of the results so you and your doctor can determine your treatment options.


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