Relief For Patients In Charlotte, NC Seeking Chronic Headache Treatment

Migraines and chronic headaches are considered to be the most common neurological condition found throughout the world. In fact, the World Health Organization lists migraines as one of the top 20 causes of disabilities while also the least funded based on its economic impact on developed countries.

Patients that suffer from migraines or chronic headaches in Charlotte, NC may have struggled for years to try to find an effective chronic headache treatment or a migraine headache treatment that really works. Often treatments work initially but seem to become less effective with each subsequent use.

Chronic Headache Treatment and Migraine Headache Treatment Options

Treatment for chronic headaches or acute migraines can be very different and will vary from patient to patient. Medications that work with one person will have little benefit to another so it is critical for the patient and the doctor to work together to customize the right treatment for each individual.

Common options for managing symptoms include NSAIDS and analgesics, ergot combinations and triptans, with the last two options most common for treatment of migraines.

For both chronic headache treatment and migraine headache treatment the doctor will typically prescribe a medication to assist in relieving the symptoms and pain as work with the patient to develop a preventative treatment plan.

Preventative Plans in Charlotte, NC

Preventative options for chronic headache treatment and migraine headache treatment, like medications, will vary in their effectiveness based on individual patients.

Stress reduction therapies, biofeedback, chiropractic treatments, acupuncture, diet and lifestyle changes and even the use of vitamins and herbal treatments can be effective for patients.
Learning to identify the triggers for chronic headaches and migraines for patients in Charlotte, NC is essential in preventative management. Patients find that early initiation of chronic headache treatment and migraine headache treatment can greatly reduce the impact that these painful and debilitating conditions can cause.